We provide the perfect education for your child

We make your child happy day after day

A Musical Education

A musical education through the story of an instrument offers your child benefits that are more fulfilling than in any of the other educational experiences:

  • Music provides lifelong enjoyment.
  • Music develops mental and physical abilities.
  • Music develops cooperation.
  • Music improves self - expression.
  • Music provides unlimited opportunities.
  • Music provides a future and many vocational opportunities.
  • Music is fun and provides pleasure for the child and the whole family.
Piano lessons

Piano lessons at our school are exciting, fun and professional. Our teachers are qualified and highly certified in music.

Guitar lessons

Our guitar teachers can get you started as a beginner or bring you up to the next level. If you were an intermediate or advanced student, you will definitely enjoy our fun and professional classes.


At our school, you will find everything you will ever need to know about playing percussion.

Violin lessons

Our patient violin teachers will make you not only love music, but you will learn how to play the violin and master it.

Vocal lessons

If you were born with a good and /or beautiful voice to sing and you want to improve your vocal skills and technique, our center will help you achieve your goal in innovative interesting ways.

Woodwind lessons

Woodwind instruments classes at our center include flute, saxophone and clarinet lessons. Our experienced and professional teachers will help you achieve your dream in learning how to play these magical instruments.