Musical Instruments Sales


Freddy For Music is the exclusive distributor and retailer for many music instruments brand names quality products including:
Fender (Guitars and accessories), Ibanez (Guitars and accessories) Jackson (Guitars and Accessories), Admira (Classical Guitars), Digitech (Amp Processors and Effect Pedals for Guitar and Voices), Mapex (Drums and Accessories), Tama (Drums and Accessories), Rico (Instruments Reeds), Suzuki (Digital Pianos, Keyboards and MIDI Controllers), Ringway (Digital Pianos, Keyboards and MIDI Controllers), Young Chang (Pianos), Weber (Pianos), Marshall (Guitars and Keyboards Amplifiers), Stentor (Strings Instruments), Angel (Educational Instruments), Labella (Strings), Daddario(Strings), Dunlop (Guitar Accessories), Roland(Digital Pianos, Keyboards and MIDI Controllers), Boss (Guitar effects), Jupiter(Brass Instruments), Conn-Selmer (Brass Instruments), Vic Firth (Drums and Accessories), Orla (Digital Pianos, Keyboards and MIDI Controllers).


For The Love Of Music!