Drawing is fun and provides for children happy times. With our “Easy Drawing Course “your child will learn the basic steps of drawing & Painting.

Benefits of drawing for children

Drawing stimulates children’s communication skills, creativity, sensitivity and increases children’s ability to express themselves. That is why drawing is also emphasized in therapeutic treatments for children. With drawing, anxiety is reduced; it casts out fears and raises the expectation, either through a brush,or any other drawing tool. Through drawing, the children express their concerns and emotions, become calm and serene, and they develop their tastes, their personality and their profile.


In short, drawing is beneficial for children because

1- Helps in the development of their individuality and their self-esteem.

2- Fosters their creativity and inventive personality.

3- Develops their problem-solving skills.

4- Organizes their ideas.

5 – Stimulates their communication skills, making it more effective.

6- Unlocks their creativity.

7- Favors their expression of feelings, perception, and organization.


Painting is Serene and reassuring


Important Note:

The program depends on the first interaction between the teacher and the student. Once the teacher understands some of the student’s characteristics, natural abilities, and motivation, then adjustments will be made on the program accordingly.